Giath Taha is interested in mixing diverse artistic disciplines to connect theories. He explores the relation between the physicality and immateriality of memories. His research considers the complexity of the political networking in the framework of capitalism and the dynamic interactions between ideologies, economies, and politics.
Taha's works combines photography/video with alternate materials such as objects and site-specific installation to contextualize his artistic practice.


-2021 Master Artistic Research, Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, The Netherlands.
-2006 Photography and applied arts,Walled Izzat Institute – Damascus, Syria
-2009 Damascus university faculty of literature – Damascus, Syria


-2019 My House has Tunnels Het perron museum, Amsterdam, photography installaton
-2018-19 Puin Hoop Belvédère museum, Heerenveen
-2018 Another day in Aleppo Kamera 8 gallery, Wexford, Ireland
-2017 Survival National Holocaust Museum, Amsterdam
-2017 Survival Library of Congress, Washington DC, U.S.A
-2017 Balance Stadkantoor, Utrecht


-2020 The Ongoing Conversation #7 is the seventh edition of the long term collaboration between the *Master Artistic Research (MAR)* of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and *1646* 
-2020 Spectral Memories in Dialogue, an Installation in Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague, The Netherland with the artist Serene Hui.
-2018 Homage to Aleppo Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland. Seminar of ongoing project.
-2018 We are doing it Weiterschreiben jetzt—Berlin, Germany Publication from writers and visual artists.
-2017 Sea of stories, Dancing on the Edge Festival. An installation with the artists Lina Issa and Mayar Alexan
-2017 New Perspectives Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
-2017 Children of Syria Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.
-2016 Vluchtroute Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, debate and photo presentation with Eddy van Wessel,
Henk wildschut
-2016 Letter en Geest Trouw Talent voor Nederland.