5 Almond seeds

Multimedia installation, products, found objects, sounds, laser.

Resistance is an act aginst the flow. 

- In the 25th of October 2011, A group of Syrian activites pointed out a laser beam at the Assad’s palace in Damascus.This nonviolent  action was received by the dictatorial regime as a remarkable resistant message.

- Laser beam used to aim at camera sensors for temporarily flashblind, or permanently disable cameras. This was done in the 25th of August 2019 Hong Kong protests to shut down facial recognition systems and other surveillance technologies that the goverment used against protesters. 

- A lot of bright green laser beams were pointed in harmony at the police drone, which can be seen moving erratically, before quickly falling down to the earth. This was done by Chilean protesters in November 13/2019. 

The installation is pointing out on the resistance, political awaerness, and protesting as acts aginst the characteristic of an econimec framework such capitalism. The laser lines draw a complex network between commodities, slogens, symbols and rhetoric that we observe from our daily life.